Thursday, August 03, 2006

WOCSD Tech Talk

WOCSD Tech Talk
August 3, 2006
Tech Talk from coakes

Hello, This is Cheryl Oakes coming to you from Wells, ME. I have just been appointed to a new job in the district. Really for the most part it is doing some of the same things but district wide rather than at Wells Elementary School. I will have a blog, web log, and podcast, internet mp3 recordings, that you will be able to access 24/7 with the latest technology information in the district. A blog means that you will be able to comment at the end of the articles I post. It will be important to comment since blogging is about conversations on the internet, and the conversations help others learn through the conversations we have. So welcome and I hope many of your participate in this use of technology.

When you return to school this fall some of you will have new laptops( WES staff), new computer lab in your building(WHS), new MLTI2 laptops(WJHS) and one thing we will all have in common is the new ADS network complete with new copier/printers. This ADS network will standardize the district with all staff logins, student logins in all buildings and a new login/ password protocol. Our standard login will be first initial -last name, ( exceptions will be for similar logins in which case the next letter in the first name will be added).
**** Bulletin*** Extra***Extra***
The other part of the protocol will be that student passwords will change on a 90 day rotation basis(3 x a year: not for Wells Elementary Students), STAFF passwords will change at 180 days (2 x per year). This change represents a more security acceptable protocol. So, I am going to ask you to do some summer bummer homework. Be thinking of a way to come up with your own password that you will remember. I’ve been reading about passwords and some of the latest recommendations.
Here are the guidelines:
Passwords must use a variety of kinds of symbols and keys
At least 8 characters
A lower case letter, an upper case letter, at least a number
Optional use of non-alphabetic characters

The reason we will be following this protocol is to prevent hacking programs from cracking your codes. Also, we will ask that you NOT write down your network password, which defeats the whole protocol.

You will not be graded on this, but you will be happier having done this ahead of time.
Think of a favorite saying or sentence. You can write this down at home and try it ahead of time to see how easy it is to type, that will be critical! Take the first letter of each word and make up your password. Here is how to create your code.

My sentence:
Sugarloaf is best for skiing and snowboarding. ( only 4 more months to ski season.J)
My password will look like this at first
Password missing on purpose

However, I could use & for the word “and”, then add a number and I am done.
Finished password:
Password missing on purpose

So, I challenge you to come up with your security password. Oh, in 6 months when we have to change this, I will have another tip for redesigning your password.

Do not use your names, children’s name, pet names, school name, titles etc
Do not use WORDS
Do not use DOB, SS#, anniversary , phone number

I will post most of this on my new TechTalk blog. Comments are welcome.

Information about passwords was gathered from this article. People, problems and passwords by Victor Bobb, ITtrends, 2nd quarter, 2006


Donna Longley said...

Hi Cheryl
Is it also recommended to change other passwords that often?

Michele Guerrette said...

Hi, Cheryl-

Thanks for all of the great info - love the new district web page!

Cheryl Oakes said...

Hey, it is great to know people are reading these messages.

Diane Lang said...

Congrats on your new role Cheryl. Thanks for the heads up on passwords. Now I have to think of a cleaver sentence.

Diane Lang said...

Congrats on the new role. I am feeling the pressure of coming up with a clever sentence for my password that I will also remember.