Sunday, May 04, 2008

Open Ended Technology Survey March 2008

The open ended survey was designed by the District Technology Committee as a way to get different information than has been offered in the past. 16  people responded to the survey. We appreciate the information you shared. I will summarize the results. If you want to view all the results you can go to this URL and see the results. Part of the reason for using this format is to make the information transparent.

What are the positive aspects/strengths of the technology currently available at your school?
The people who answered the survey commented:
Every thing from great technology support, computer lab lessons, Internet access is seamless at the high school, the macbooks, technology available to students and one response nothing positive .
Thanks for this information. coakes
What are the negative aspects of the technology currently available at your school?
The people who answered the survey commented:
Student laptops are in various states of disrepair, only one computer lab, major lack of support and personnel that know what to do when a problem arises, not always the tech support/help/time/for professional development, lack of coordinated approach to promoting the use of technology. Lots of emphasis on blogging and Web 2.0 social applications; not much practical instruction on how to use and troubleshoot classroom/teacher computers. Too much reliance on inferior open source software which doesn't prepare students for the "real world", Connectability issues, Not enough people using computers?,The community of teachers needs more education and requirements for using technology. The digital divide is keeping those who use technology from fully integrating because everyone isn't on board. There are a variety of reasons such as time to learn skills, perceived access to support, (I've always felt supported) and fear of the technology and lack of interest, We could use more of the projectors that go with the computers, Not all students have access to computers as often or as easily as would be desirable.
This is where we have the job to make things better. There are written work orders to notify the techs when something is not working. Please see your principal for a copy of the work order.
If your building would like more professional development, please work with your building based professional development committee. We can provide trainings on workshop days.
Blogging and web 2.0 tools are emphasized to engage and motivate students as well as improved instruction based on brain research.
A workshop on troubleshooting classroom and teacher computers is a great idea for a workshop.
Connectivity at WES has been an issue most of the year. New wireless access points have been installed and are being fine tuned by a local company.
Open Source software is the wave of county offices as well as large companies.
We could use more projectors and SMART boards.- coakes

If technology in Wells could do almost anything to make your job easier and /or more efficient, what would you like it to help you do? 
The people who answered the survey commented:
Snap Grades, I already make my job more efficient through technology, Most of the problem is with me, myself. I need to learn more skills so I can pass them on to the kids. We have been offered many opportunities but time is an issue and there is a learning curve. But I know that Cheryl and others are trying hard to help us get up to speed. I am pretty good at many things but there is more I need to learn, More power points...more LCD projectors, I'd like to be more knowledgeable about the "nuts and bolts" of technology so I wouldn't be afraid to rely on it for my educational needs, that's up to out all the great things that happen in the lives of all our kids each day!
Snap Grades is coming to WHS next year, thanks to positive promotion.
There is a summer workshop for each building with the emphasis on building level needs and instruction with technology.
More Projectors!- coakes

Are there tasks you currently do manually that you would like to be able to do electronically (in one way or another)?
The people who answered the survey commented:
No, the things I am doing manually pretty much need to be done manually such as grading papers. I just need better software (or maybe a smart board) to help make things that I do with technology or online easier, I think I would like to get into snap grades. I'd love to put more assignments on the web or email but I can't rely on having access to reliable computers or internet makes every tech lesson a crap shoot. The filtering software is a joke. (The filtering software is to keep us compliant with Children's Online Protection Act and No Child Left Behind. from coakes)
Perhaps organizing more records electronically, Keep my computer healthy and up-to-date more easily so I don't have to worry about it, Drop boxes for assignments.
Moodle has the capacity to electronically accept student assignments and grade assignments. Moodle is also designed to be used as an electronic portfolio.  These activities will be shared this summer. coakes

Thanks for answering the open ended survey. This helps the committee to address the areas identified here. I hope that we will collect enough information that we will be able to define an updated teaching with technology vision for our district. The updated plan is due in June of 2009. If anyone is interested in joining the District Technology Committee, we meet on the 2nd Thursdays of the month. The next meeting is June 5, 2008 at Central Office at 3:15 pm. See you there.
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