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Strengthening Your District Through Technology

Aug. 18, 2006

This is the first time I can actually blog  in a conference presentation.

I am looking at the first crack at the new MLTI2 image.

Adventuresome teachers could apply to Earthwatch and work with scientists on environmental issues. And share their activities with their districts and the world.  traditional algebra curriculum. The experience we embed the content in, is what matters. How does that relate to the MLTI project.

2nd Edition with the educator additions, The World is Flat and read this.

An example was used for significant impact on technology and schools,'s

Room 208 blog and podcast, plus Bit by Bit.

The Newseum link off the MaineLearns site, from the Aug. 06 , 2006 Sessions There are 545 front page papers from around the world.

Look at the map view and click on the map, and the dots will come in a ID the papers on the Newseum. If you hover over the spot on the map, you will see the front page of the news from that country.

So, which newspapers do you have coming into your school.

To use the zoom in a pdf, you can click control, then hold down the mouse key trackpad, then a pop up menu will appear to zoom in , zoom out.

Remind kids about good care of the laptop, lids down, easy does it, the most expensive part of your laptop is the screen.

Newseum is a resource to the whole curriculum. Use print new, with audio news.

How and who can use this.

Next:   all the classics are available. Using the Safari, drop down, look for Services, Speech, read text for students who need to listen to the text. This is good for highlighted websites, their documents, etc. Think of the possibilities.

Kids are using We need to know the tools.

Can we as a district afford not to use these tools on our computers, laptops, LCD panels, SMART boards.......

IDEA encourages all these assistive technologies.

Nimes law all new books must come out in digital content.

Math and Technology,

Pam Buffington, Newton, MA

Kids are innately multi platformed.

Great book, How can Technology enrich Mathematics. from NCREL

math concepts are not only represented well by numerical, but the visual representation.

great visual representation of .75% vs. 75%

NLVM- space blocks, can be manipulated in 3D space, still need hands on, but also need to develop the 3D.

space blocks, is new on NLVM can rotate the cube so y ou can see how the "puzzle" works from flat, to the 3 D block.

What is the evidence that this is true? Pre-CAD activities. Applet for ratio

Mixing paint applet.=

This would be the conversation starter, and then show the results.

Turn the power to the students:

Tool Suite Selection

Interactive, flexible, open tools.

Look at what George Siemens says about constructivist vs connectivist learning

Website for Experiencing Math and Science with Gizmos.  Fee based site. Free 30 day trial.

Apple L, highlights the whole URL bar

Ruben R. Puentendura, Ph.D.

Transformation, Technology and Education

things that made a company successful, was the level of technology used.

Why transformation?

lowest to highest

Substitution= as a tool with no functional change=word processor used like a typewriter=productivity same, or slight dip

Augmentation   substitution as a tool with functional improvement   basic function, cut, copy, paste

Modification   tech allow for significant task redesign   integretated with email, spreadsheet, graphing=substantial productivity

Redefinition   Tech allows for creation of new tasks, previously inconceivable   = integrate with workgroup and content management ( no one person creates a report, but a group looks at data and together creates the data presentation)

We want to be at the Modification and Redefinition levels, and consider the bottom 2 levels as transitional.

Can't wait 2 years to get there, must get going in 2 months.

ONline dictionary and Online Thesaurus that integrates while the student is reading online.

Transitional ways of having students converse and reflect about the reading they are doing in class, IM< SKYPE> and blog.

Kids use to understand reading material, but if they have to converse and give examples, they will go deeper. If they have to RAP about the passages, they will be engaged.

Ruben's slides are available to us later. Information from Freedman's book.

PISA are assessments that look at how 15 year olds are prepared to assume different levels of jobs, and perform in today's world. Although it looks at Reading, Math, Science, more what can the kid perform in various jobs in the world. Genuine questions actual problems to solve.

The US is in the average range with most of Europe and there are several countries, the commonwealth, Australia, Canada,Finland, Hong Kong, China, Liechtenstein (has fewer hours per day of school), Japan and Korea(the highest use of wired, cell phone and wireless)

All the countries in the lowest group, are participating in the 100.-laptop.

India is going with the more expensive laptop and said no to the 100. laptop as it is not good enough compared to , for example the US.

If we are going to move up in the global standings, we can't make small incremental changes, we need significant changes.

How do we accomplish this SHIFT.

Bloom showed that you can move all students up 2 Sigma gain in  learning with 1-1 tutoring.(1984)

A Bloom/Walberg study , see slide, identified major variables that would effect achievement.

Computer Use, can give you .4, which is the same as remedial tutoring

if you go to the Redefinition   level, then your students go up 2 sigma levels!!!!

All new READ/WRITE and latest tools, will give you 2 Sigma gain for all students.

Technological Avenues to Transformation. Horizon Report- put together for Higher Ed. We will get a copy of the report.

visualization and simulation

social computing

digital storytelling

educational gaming- Games have been essential to learning about the world, the earliest dice were vertebrae and they were sanded, and four sided. There is huge mileage in using games for knowledge.

Concentrating on

visualization and simulation

social computing

for rest of the day.

If you have 18 schools, teachers, students you double your Signma

If you have 10 schools, teachers , students you double your Signma

If you only have 4 schools  you still gain, but not nearly the great benefits.

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