Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday night news!

I usually have family time on Sunday, like many of you, and today was no exception. I made basil pesto, dilly beans 28 quarts, brownies, watched a soccer game, recorded a Seedlings podcast with Bob Sprankle, I recorded the post show audio, edited a podcast with Alice Barr, On the Road with Alice, listened to the last of EdTechTalk, and checked out my  schedule for the upcoming week. With 3 boys packing to head off to college, it is a trick to get everything done.  One last thing will be to edit the post show with SEEDLINGS. I'll add the audio to my webpage, follow the link if you have a few minutes to listen.

What is happening with the network and moving laptops and computers to the domain? I have 27 staff members signed up to have their laptops moved over to the new domain. Please email if you would like to schedule your laptop for the "move".

The 7th and 8th grade laptops arrived, the image arrived Friday and next week we will begin processing the laptops for teachers, then students.

Printing in the schools will not be available for you until your account for your computer has moved to the new domain. Print at home until you are moved over, then copy at school.

Be sure you have your summer bummer homework completed, a new secure password.

Reminder NWEA testing will begin 9/11 and continue through September.

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