Monday, August 28, 2006

Grant Opportunities and Great Links!

Have you recently had a great idea for your classroom, but not enough money? Here are a couple grants you could apply for. Office Depot and Jo-Ann Stores has $500.00 awards available for teachers in Maine. The application is only 1 page and due Sept. 30, 2006. If you would like help please contact Cheryl.

Here is a $3,000.00 math grant. If you are a NCTM member, teacher grades 9-12 and are interested in planning lessons in Math connected to other subjects, you could apply and get this grant. Deadline Nov. 3, 2006. The proposal is a 3 page maximum grant proposal.

For math grants at other grade levels please look at this page. There are a variety at each grade level. I'll be happy to help!

Here is a $3000.00 math grant if you are a NCTM member and teach middle school 6-8. This $3,000.00 grant is to support the design and creation of material in the form of books, visual displays, slide shows, videotape or other appropriate media. The focus of the materials should show the connectivity of math to other fields or to the world around us. Deadline Nov. 3, 2006. There is a 3 page maximum for this grant proposal.

Great LINKS!

I know I've mentioned this before but it is so great.

This link gives you and your students access to front page news from 1794 to 1977 including the following countries, US, UK, Canada, and Jamaica. Our librarians will be the contact for this free service.

KOL Expeditions, brought to us by AOL@SCHOOL, and is an opportunity for students to share in webcasts,free video and interactive websites. The program's goal is to encourage and excite elementary aged kids about science, math and technology in a fun and engaging environment and to expose them to careers in science and related fields. Their latest expedition if called dolphin Communication and begins mid-August!

Google, one of my favorite Web 2.0 tools has come up with another great for high school teachers, teaching Shakespeare.


For researching government documents

That is all for now! Welcome back to the new school year!

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This is Cheryl Oakes from Wells, ME.

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