Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Lunchtime Share at USM 8/18/06

During our lunch Ruben, Jim and Pam, share some of their favorite parts of the current MLTI image and links. This presentation was recorded and edited by Cheryl Oakes on an iPod Video with the new Belkin Tune Talk Stereo, which you can order from the Apple Store. If you think you might want to learn how to Podcast, look up October 12, Podcasting Workshop.

Ruben Puentedura, shared the great things about NoteShare, which is part of the MLTI image.You may want to have the image in front of you while listening to this podcast.
The help section parts of NoteShare are well done and you will find plenty of support.
NetLogo is a free program, for PC as well as Mac. It is part of the image. This is a great simulation piece of software for solving problems.It provides a great visualation of the problem.
Ruben quickly mentioned Second Life. It is a 3D immersive environment. You assume the personality of an Avatar and you can act our science experiments, listen to talks, look at art exhibits. If you go to, you can find an example of the NASA Second Life Museum. It is best to go to Second Life with a mentor or someone who has already been to Second Life. You can join for free.
MIT has a project called Revolution, which is a simulation piece of software, where you assume the character of different people during the Revolution. It is a 3D world, many years in the making where students role play. However, the role playings are real, and the characters have real life consequences during the colonial times, like being whipped and even death.
Then Jim Moulton began his favorites! Jim promoted collaboration, we do not teach collaboration, social networking for our students. This piece is critical. Ruben mentioned earlier in the day how important it is for classes to collaborate with 18 other classes. When it happens, achievement grows by 2 sigma.
Jim promoted Comic Life, which is part of the image. It is integrated with iPhoto and runs seamlessly. Graphic novels are a rage today for adolescents, now let them createe their own digital stories. Try it out! Use Comic Life to create your next set of directions for your next project! What a concept.
Web 2.0 are the read/write web tools that make the difference between viewing the webpage versus interacting and creating content on the web.
This is a site that supports schools in Southeast Asia and web 2.0 tools. There are plenty of great links here.
Don't try and stamp out MySpace, Xanga,Facebook, but use Noteshare and create an appropriate social network for these connected students! , has been purchased by Google and is a place where you an collaboratively create documents. As a matter of fact our current TechPlan was created collaboratively by 12 people. It works great when people each take a different color to work with. is an online Excel type spreadsheet.
Finally, Pam Buffington spoke about math applets and the many ways to visualize math. The math links will be in the next post. To hear the lunchtime talk, listen here.
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