Thursday, July 17, 2008

Web 2.0 for Newbies, Jim W. November Learning

This is a way to deliver the message to new teachers. In 1991 the first Mosaic Website was built, the Internet wasn't just for science anymore. So our students just graduating in 2008 have been alive as long as the Internet. Things are changing so quickly.
This session is totally full, and people are sitting on the floor.
Jim had us introduce ourselves with each other, I met a woman from Detroit.
You want to get a network so when your kids are creating their content, you can get someone to comment on their work. Do this with staff as well.
When youtube is blocked, you can use Zamzar at home and download the youtube video and it is converted so you can use it at school.
Look at the purpose of why you will wiki, blog, moodle, etc.

Shelly Paul has created a website with 15 min. videos on how to use some of the web 2.0 tools. Check it out!

Blogging is easy to use and allows feedback in a controled way and it allows students to share. Comments should be approved.
Blog is chronological, the wiki is more like a book, table of contents,etc.
Much easier than using the old websites.

If teachers are blogging, then administrators need to use RSS to make those connections.

Jim is calling a website to demonstrate gcast! Then it is published to the web instantly.
Great presentation.

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