Thursday, July 24, 2008

BLC a session I was able to uStream

I was fortunate enough to attend the session put on by Darren and Clarence. Here is the uStream of their presentation, after fashion, I do get out of the way so you can actually see the presentation.

Here is Clarence's site. Here you will find Darren's site.

Now the focus of this post should be on you viewing the Ustream, however, a quick note about the "background". It is so easy to set up an account to Ustream.
Then configure your laptop with the videocam to allow you to record both video and audio , you select start recording, start broadcast, send out a twitter to your network, or email folks the stream URL for your "TV" station, you are in business!

This makes the learning transparent. This makes a meeting transparent. This makes a meeting available for all to attend whether f2f or virtually. Try it.

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