Monday, July 14, 2008

EdubloggerConEast July 14, 2008

Live blogging our breakout sessions.
Pedagogy Matters with Richard S. facilitating
Outline the Construct

Behaviorism- shaping- rewards, ex. grades, stars, reinforcement
Connectivism,George Siemens, when you are connect to so many people it really capitalizes on the social learning aspects of constructivism, it is the wikipedia effect, the google docs, If you are accomplished in using your network tools,
Cognitivism- intellectual complexity or cognition-determined right answer, programming language,
Constructivism-building meaning based on experience, project based learning, socially based, Montessori,
-Universal Design for learning
Differentiated Instruction
Inquiry model, studio,
Understanding by Design - multiple representations

Our job,in 10 min. come up with an example of an explicit connection between an activity and one of the pedagogies.

Internet Safety Activity for 5th and 6th graders:
Listen and learn about Internet Safety and Cyberbullying rules. Then students create a poster, comic or skit about a safety rule. Follow up- actually build a page and publish and demonstrating that they follow the rules. This demonstrates the pedagogies of Connectivsm, students created their page and worked with others to complete the task, the teacher was NOT the only one in charge, all students helped one another, Understanding by Design, because all students in regular ed and special ed completed the task.

Art/music collaboration: history of silent films, background,and how can we make this more open to different kinds of students? break students into groups? not so product driven?

Language arts/ vingnettes and podcasts with music,

Digitial Storytelling- 5th grade, kids personal narrative, music, sound effects, shared with the audience world wide, blogged and podcasted so on web
behaviorism: rewarded for their work
constructivism: engagement, personal narrative
Google Tools: teachers investigating tools themselves and thinking about how they can use them in classroom
greater opportunity for creativity, more about how tools could be used

Voicethread: bridging podcasts and vodcasts, where the focus on the up-front preparation before you get to the technical tool

Scratch: give kids the basic and then allow kids to explore the tool and mimic what they learned from other things

Then there was a discussion about the value of exploration with a software or piece of hardwarde and then people can go on to construct their own knowledge about a particular item.

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