Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dr. Joyce Valenza Libraries Accessible

Great ideas.
Put up an Amazon wishlist for parents and community to purchase books.
Use online polls.
Use Google calendar to have classes sign up for a time slot.
Reading polls to help purchasing.
Use a poll affirming /confirming what was learned in the latest lesson.
How can I sell the databases as user friendly.
Catalog, not use the label find books.
Use igoogle pages or pageflakes, that puts all the collections on the web, widgets, webpages, tools, dictionaries. Get the RSS feed into the page and you will see how it refreshes.
By using these resources, it is how you will be an informational user in this century.
Can we create an igoogle text?
Set up a Pagecast.Calendar, to do list, CNN news, assignments, One url and the kids have the information.
Youtube toolbars, Murdoch, University. LIBX,( for colleges, not K12) wehn it goes to google books or youtube, it tells you whether your library has that selection.
Federated searches:
Search that goes across the webtools, Clusty, Google, comes up with one result list. Federated searches only use the language of the time of the journalists. So like World War I, doesn't come up unless you search The Great War
Kartoo does a visual search,
Clusty comes up with categories, horizontal search and brings up things you would not normally see.
Blog searches and set up RSS feeds.
uhighdatabases- Univ. Chicago.
Gathered all streaming media searches in one place.
Research channel for university lectures.
ebooks and audiobooks
Encyclopedia of life- fabulous for K-12, being developed now

Wikijunior-full color booklets for kids age 8-11.

Free ebooks.

Wikibooks, human body.

Are you available to your students, reference service, email

Dr. charles Best Secondary School Library, put a translator on the page, it is a widget.
IM service for messages from kids.
If one deaf student need this. Ask the libraria IM
Are you linking to your states. available 24/7,
Interlibraryloan is the best, availablbe to kids.

Pathfinders on your web.Add 5 to the webpage. Use feeds in the pathfinders.
Noodle tools.,citation
Middle school pathfinders, can be in delicious. Delicious link in EBSCO, and you can't embed, so go with a page, wiki.
History Reference center EBSCO.
Copyright friendly media, all the sources, so kids can mashup legally.
If the are content creators must have.

Free open source and Web based Applications,
list the open source options and web based options.
Open Curriculum from all universities.
MIT HS open courseware
Online Research guide for the HS, with links.
NoodleBib 250.00 per year, has a notetaking tool and an evaluation, and teacher can see how the student is doing. is automatically fills in based on the available information.

The unquiet library
The Yes department
Research and documentation Online for sample papers in MLA and APA style give to kids so they can compare what they are doing.

Reading 2.0 Using Technology to Promote books, not replace Then.
Kid volunteers enhance the books with the online media links in the back of the book.

On the library computer homepage, the kids sit down to a quesitons, who would you invite to lunch. Good way to get started. Kids entered picture into contest showing them reading, get a 50.00 Amazon certificate.
Summer reading list, online? It is a wiki? Can parents get to it?
International Children's digital library- for elementary
Edina Public Schools- embedded reading list, Book reviews by kids.
Cool chatter Plug into terrific writers
Lookybook, picture book shelfari 300 books for now.

Shelfari- joycevalenza
Library Thing, will connect to your catalog, use library thing tags.
Playaway, the simplest way to listen to audio on the go!!!
Google book search, set up ebooks, collection of classic books, made available for the full book, these are public domain, Shakespear, Mark Twain
Book Glutton- social place you can make comments and have discussion for inside your class.

Global Studies ning, group for each books kid reading in social studies.
Birthday book club, have your community purchase books for their kids birthday.

Joyce has so many great ideas for library media centers.
Put student writing on the web pages and celebrate student work.

Put media in a parking place on a ning, and then have the code to embed on webpages.
The adventures of Superpresentationman--watch this.
Student work, writing, video and student art, Flickr-where you can isolate pieces of the painting or photo and comment about it.

Student orientation online in the wiki for anyone who misses the day.

Celebrate Student Life!

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