Tuesday, October 24, 2006

k12online conference! You can do it!

Have you thought about going to a conference about technology only to find that you really can't take the time to leave your classroom, you can't travel to Atlanta, Georgia, NYC or can't afford the money for the registration?

Well, the  k12online conference is all about open source software, the Web 2.0 tools, (web 2.0 means that you are using the interactive read/write web). You are not just sitting in an auditorium next to other people all scribbling notes and trying desperately to make the connections with the speaker, instead you are asynchronously joining a conference that has or is happening at the time you join. It is all about you choosing the time to listen, the article to listen to or read, and where you will join in this online conversation! How is this all possible?

By clicking on this link and joining in this online conference! There are many bloggers, podcasters, webcasters and technologists from around the planet who are ready to give back to their peers, who have volunteered to join this conference and who have designed some of the best and most updated and challenging information for YOU!

All you need to do is join and click on a link when you can, work on your own, work in small groups, blog and converse with others, it is about the conversation. If you need some professional hours, add this kind of event to your professional plan. If you need credits go to this link and sign up for some credits from Plymouth State College in NH in partnership with Shanghai University!  I am so totally doing this, I have always wanted credits from Shanghai!

Here is the keynote! 

You will need about 30 minutes to view the keynote, it is totally worth it!

Are you just a little interested? Can you find someone in your school who might do this with you? Can you find someone in  England who might do this with you? You will need SKYPEGizmo to converse with others, or and you will need some chutzpah! Chutzpah is free! This conference is free, find someone to join with you. I promise you will enjoy this, I promise you will be challenged, and I promise you will find the best professional development you have been to in years!

There are many links that will support this online conference. Enjoy! If you want to take part using just a few of these presentations that is fine. Just remember the conversations are the most important part, join a blog, leave a comment, it will be transformational!



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