Friday, October 13, 2006

David Warlick's keynote ACTEM

If you were unable to attend ACTEM you can share in the conversation of David's kick off presentation by reading the highlights and soon a link will be posted here for the podcast .

Remember to go to handouts of David Warlick's workshop.

Remember to use Hitchikr.

David will also provide a session on the Ethics of the Information Highway.

Redefining Literacy for the 21st Century.

Workplace of the future

Information-2003 5 exabytes of new knowledge.

Of new information only .01%  is even printed each year.

Why are we teaching students to use paper?

We don't want our offices to stay behind, we want to take our connections with us.

conclusion first!

We should stop integrating technology, but integrating literacy!

Kids need to know how to teach themselves. Kids will spend their careers re tooling for new jobs.  You must be literate. You must have the skills to learn new tools.

Old literacy- reading-riting-rithmetic.

Literate, in 21st century

kids will read blogs, who published, who authored, investigate who wrote the piece.

URL backtracking, delete back to the first forward slash.

be a detective, look for clues.

go to bottom of the page and find webmaster.

We have to teach our students to research what they find.

We learned to read what teachers, librarians, adults gave us. No need to question authority.

Now our students can read anything anywhere anytime. But they must be literate and find the source.

Read text and find the truth of the text.

Now students must

find the information

decode it

critically evaluate it and

organize into a personal digital library.

Wikipedia library

Part 1 see what it says.

Part 2 go and prove that it is true.
Part of reading information is finding the evidence that what you are reading is true.

When the BBC announced PLuto not a planet at 13:34 GMT,

Wikipedia announced the change of Pluto as a planet at 13:35 GMT.

What about your encyclopedia, when will that change?

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