Monday, October 08, 2007

Getting Ready for K12online conference

Usually, when I go to a conference I blog my notes and reflections. Seems funny to be sitting in my home office, participating in an online keynote for the k12online conference.(Follow the previous link to learn how you can get credit for participating in this online conference.) However, since I am so used to backchanneling during a presentation, or blogging, I decided that this should be the same even though I am home and participating in this. Why am I not backchanneling or skype chatting while viewing this? (Although I am watching the twitter comments to see what others are saying about David's keynote.) Well, since it is an asynchronous presentation, others who are viewing this could be at a different spot in the presentation, so I will blog, and post and reflect with others later.This certainly captures David Warlick's whole premise, we need to create our own boundaries, our own rules. I can no longer just sit and git. I need to be actively participating and creating even when I am listening.
-are we are parent's future?
-are our students their parent's future, their teacher's future?
-loved David's son video, gotta know the territory!
-do we know our territory?
-we cut off our students when they enter our classrooms, we chop their tentacles, their network
-are we over-managing our environment in our classrooms, are we cutting our students off from their networks?
-ouch an encyclopedia with outdated material compared to wikipedia constant updates and  new content
-I am waiting for the little ladies! too!
-our info-savvy students,  are without the benefit of gravity!, they always have a neighborhood at their fingertips
-new information landscape-we educators need to learn how to harness this-in our content areas
-unpredictable future- we educators are preparing students for an unpredictable future, teach them to teach themselves
Oh, the little old lady!
Thanks David for kicking off the k12online conference!
If you would like to view the keynote, follow the URL.

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Jo McLeay said...

Yeah, I just listened to it too. Wasn't it fun and so true

mrichme said...


Here's my take on your questions...

1. I think we're starting a shift in future generations outcomes, part of the evolution process. As David puts it we're seeing more and more "free agents". Hopefully that doesn't mean "free agent" parents to their children.

2. It may take a generation to push through the shift before people's futures seem traditional...adapting skill set education instead of digesting traditional skill set education.

3. David's son definitely has a handle on the territory. Education is slowing catching up.

4. Slowly we seeing the tentacles flowing in our classrooms. We're seeing more and more schools letting in devices from home (personal laptops, wifi devices, etc.) and teachers are starting to see how they can be useful. Let's start tackling the IT issue of filtering...

5. I was waiting for the little ladies as well.

Great questions!

Lisa Parisi said...

Thanks for summarizing. Am listening now. Love the message.