Thursday, June 07, 2007

Kick back and make a plan! Win the Best Buy Award.

Take time this summer and think of a great technology winning idea. You could win 2,500.00 from Best Buy.Don't wait until Sept. 30, 2007, write it up during the summer and post it before August 30, 2007 our first workshop day.

Rewarding Schools for Making Learning Fun
At Best Buy we believe technology can excite and engage students, creating a more valuable educational experience. Through Best Buy Teach Awards we support schools� creative use of interactive technology to make learning fun.

Best Buy Teach Awards reward schools using interactive technology to make learning fun.

  • Over the past four years, more than 4,800 K-12 schools have received over $14 million in Best Buy Teach Awards.
  • Awards go to K-12 public, private and parochial schools using interactive technology in classrooms.
  • Schools must be within 50 miles of a Best Buy store to apply.
  • Educators must apply online between July 1 and September 30.
  • See examples of how teachers are using technology to make learning fun.

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