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Wocsd Tech Talk November 28, 2006

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I just spent 2 days at the Christa McAulliffe Conference in Nashua, NH. Bob Sprankle and I presented a workshop called Hands On Podcasting, Podcasting with Purpose (Bob),  and Math Links for Elementary (Cheryl)Math Links are here at .  We attended many great sessions. Alan November was the keynote speaker on Tuesday, David Weinberger on Wednesday. If you are interested there are links for their online keynotes hosted at the ISTE-Christa McAulliffe site.
There is also a live podcast with folks from the conference. If you are interested in learning how to apply podcasting to your classroom please contact Bob Sprankle or Cheryl Oakes.
To listen to the podcast you can go to  Women of the Web 2.0, and click  the link and select Week 5.

Highlights from Alan November:

Our journey using web tools must include making our classrooms the hub of communication. The communication needs to be worldwide. If we are not teaching our students how to communicate globally we are doing them a disservice. Our classroom tools must include blogs, wikis, podcasts and SKYPE.

See my post at  Go Global with GlobalSpeak!

David Weinberger talked about social learning and how our students see things differently. Our students don't see lists and taxonomies, rather, they are the product of the Internet and they see the interconnectedness of items. We digital immigrants are a product of the Dewey Decimal System and our students are a product of where they can find a iPod under many links: electronics, music, digital recorders, toys, mp3 players....... the list can go on. We digital immigrants need to learn more so we can teach them how to do more productive, reliable and precise searches on the Internet.

Try these 2 ways to search and  compare the process. If you want more information on how to provide you and your students with more productive web searches stay tuned!

Try a google search for Joshua Chamberlain

it provided me with 745,000 hits in .05 seconds.

However, if you go to AltaVista, type Joshua Chamberlain  + edu     in the search

this will provide you with 35 hits    and all will have something associated with a school.

If you want more information on how to provide you and your students with more productive web searches stay tuned! Is this helpful? More soon!

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