Sunday, September 17, 2006

Great new links!

Well, in spite of all the network changes in the district, instruction still happens and more often with technology. Here are a couple great sites you may find content to support your course.

Here you will find Nobel Prize winners and learn about them through games and simulations. This is a comprehensive and thought provoking site. Good for elementary and secondary.

World Wildlife Fund

Learn about the delicate biological balance of the world through interactive maps, photos, quizzes and games! This is for elementary and secondary.


Here is an education community where students are encouraged to become each other's teachers. SpellBEE, PatternBEE, GeograBEE and MoneyBEE- with two player games in which students log on and test each other's knowledge. This one is for elementary.

Sadlier-Oxford Phonics Interactive

Explore phonetics with this extensive education resource stie that uses word-math games, memory cards and a host of in-depth activities to teach studetns about letters, sounds and words. Elementary.

Quiz Hub

Free, cross-curricular, thinking games, quizzes and logic puzzles at this fee based site. Elementary and Secondary.

Try out some of these sites, and share them with your peers.

Over and out.

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