Sunday, October 26, 2008

Looking for audio books?

Here is a great place I found Wired for Books!
This is just another alternative for your challenged readers. When designing differentiated lessons be sure that you ask yourself, is reading the text the purpose of the lesson or is doing the activity the purpose? If reading the text is the means to the end, then please allow your challenged readers to listen and read along, so they can get to the activity.
If your students are using Safari to research on the Internet, they can use a built in service which allows the text on most pages to be transcribed from text to audio. All they need are headphones to provide the audio without interferring with others who may be reading. These tools help to level the playing field while making the learner more independent.
For more tools for challenged learners check out these blogs for more resources.
Karen Janowski-  Free technology toolkit!
Joyce Valenza- Toolkit!
Beth Goodwin, Cheryl Oakes-
Please share any good sites you have found for assistive technology or Universal Design for Learning.
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