Friday, September 19, 2008

Somethings are meant to be shared!

Last summer, I went to an international conference called BLC, Building Learning Communities, in Newton, MA. It was a great conference in many respects. I met some bloggers from Manitoba,Canada,  Scotland, Australia, all over New England and many great places in the USA. It was amazing to have so many people coming together to share their school experiences and their technology uses.

One presenter was David Truss, Vancouver, CA. He was such an engaging speaker that I was thrilled to see him put some of his work on BlipTV right here.

David has such a nice clear way of presenting his message  and for engaging the viewers to put this message into practice. I love his challenge, I"ll take the laptop and you take the pen and paper.

If this is interesting to you, you can go to Bob Sprankle's site and listen to the keynotes and many of the presenters from the BLC08 conference.

Thanks to Liz Davis for this path I took to find David. Check out Liz's blog.

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