Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Want to celebrate! Tonight I graduated!

Again, I graduated. This time it was from my webcast academy class of 1.2. For the past 2 years I have listened to webcasts, listened to podcasts, created webcasts and podcasts. After plenty of practice, actually teaching the class, with fellow webcaster Susan Ettenheim we graduated! Alice Barr- from Kennebunk, ME, Susan Ettenheim- from NYC and me, Cheryl Oakes- Wells, ME.
So, what is a webcast, I like to call it Internet Radio. It is a collaborative, supportive group of people, some educators and some not, but we join together and have conversations on the Internet, publish the conversations and often have live chats going in a chat room while the audio conversations are happening.
Where can you sign up? How much does it cost? Check out, listen to a few shows, participate in the chat and the if it is for you, join the webcast academy class.

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Teaching Sagittarian said...

Congratulations Cheryl!
So pleased for you to have that under your belt. Although we all know what a fabulous job you have already been doing webcasting for WomenOfWeb2.0 and faciliating webcasting classes.
I hope to graduate one day too!

Cheryl Oakes said...

Let me know when you graduate I want to be there!Cheryl

Carla Arena said...

Great, Cheryl! You are my day I'll graduate! It's a pity I didn't know about it. Otherwise, I'd bring champagne and some passion fruit mousse for dessert.

Congrats! You're my inspiration.