Saturday, January 06, 2007

New 5th/6th Grade blogging activity group at WJHS

On Tuesday (January 9, 2007) I'll be starting a blogging group with 5th and 6th graders at Wells Junior High School. The purpose is to share Internet Online safety and netiquette rules. Our first charge will be to review online safety and create a collaborative wikispace on Internet Safety. You can watch as this site grows. Students must have parent permission before they create their own blog. However, they will be able to add to the collaborative wikisspace we are using for our webpage.

In order to watch this site grow you can subscribe to the RSS feed. You must have a blog aggregator. This is a way of collecting the blogs or news you want to keep track of. A popular blog aggregator is Bloglines. The RSS feed for this new site is ( By adding this feed to your aggregator you can see each new upgrade. Watch this student site grow.

Another place to watch this grow is by clicking on the link from the Wells Junior High district page.

Wells Junior High Internet Safety

Any comments or questions please email coakesATwocsddotorg

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scrambler_5 said...

Hello. I am a teacher from Pennsylvania. I am currently taking a course that requires me to research another educational post on a topic I find interesting and useful. I really like your idea of using blogging to promote netiquette. I am looking to adding this type of activity for my high school classes as well. Are there any tips you can give me about keeping up with netiquette?
- Thank You, Mike Supak

Cheryl Oakes said...

Hello Mike,
This is just the right venue to teach students, using a 21st century tool as well as playing with the tool to demonstrate understanding.You can go to my Moodle page to see my 4 week class outline complete with movie links. My students blog at, which is a closed site to our school. I call mistakes, "teachable moments" and I give the kids a 1 strike opportunity to make huge mistakes, like if they bullied online. 1 strike and you are out of the blog. I've only had to delete 2 student websites, for severe bullying messages to each other.I use lots of short youtube,teacher tube videos to get the message across, I use make a comic strip about an internet safety rule, and then let the kids go, with lots of teacher participation. The key is involvement.
Plus, I have a facebook and myspace page so I keep current with what is happening.
Here is my moodle address
Also, check out blog posts at for more great cybersafety blog posts and comments. Good luck, stay in touch.